Week Two: Spanakopita Bites

Last weekend, we threw a housewarming party for our new place / birthday party for my brother. It was a Friday night, the night before my next CSA basket pick-up, and I was eager to use up the spinach that had been bumped to the bottom of the list all week because spinach is easy to use and a vegetable I’m already really familiar with, so less exciting. It also used up the rest of my green onions, which was good, because we got more this week! Not that I’m complaining, green onions are super versatile and delicious.

So Spanakopita Bites were on the menu! They’re a fave finger food of mine because they’re very simple and always a crowd-pleaser. Sure enough, they were the first thing gone at the party. Take that as you will.

photo e

Spanakopita Bites

Recipe adapted from What’s Cookin, Chicago?


  • 1 TB olive oil
  • 10 green onions, chopped
  • 5-6 cups chopped spinach
  • 6 ounces feta cheese
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 pound phyllo, thawed
  • 6 TBs butter, melted

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Sauté chopped green onions in 1 TB olive oil over medium heat until softened, 1 to 2 minutes.

Mix spinach, feta, cottage cheese, egg, and cooked onions in medium bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Cut the phyllo dough into 2 inch by 2 inch squares and stack them up for easy use.

Prepare muffin pan by brushing butter in each well. Place 1-2 squares of phyllo dough into each well and form into a cup shape. Brush with more melted butter and add 1-2 more squares of phyllo dough into each well. Repeat once more to have 4-6 total phyllo squares in each well. Fill each well with spinach mixture and bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.


What are your favorite ways to use up spinach? This one was a major hit with my friends! We got more spinach this week, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more ideas coming up 🙂


Week Two: Spinach, Feta, & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Arugula Pesto

photo pizza 2

This recipe is my personal triumph from the past two weeks. Not only was it super delicious and an easy way to make both my brother and my husband happy, but I managed to use not one, not two, but three separate CSA vegetables on one pizza!

Make this pizza for a tasty game night snack (we played Monopoly!), and as a fabulous use of extra CSA veggie leftovers to prep for your next share pick-up!

Spinach, Feta & Caramelized Onion Pizza with Arugula Pesto


  • Pizza dough, I used Bobby Flay’s recipe for this pizza
  • Arugula Pesto, same as Radish Green Pesto, just swap for Arugula!
  • 1 large onion, caramelized
  • 1 cup feta
  • 2 large handfuls baby spinach or regular spinach with stems removed and ripped into smaller pieces
  • 1/4 diced green onions

Roll out the Pizza dough to the size and thickness of your preference. Spread arugula pesto in a thick coat. Layer spinach, caramelized onions, green onions, and cheese. Bake on a pizza stone or cookie sheet covered in tin foil at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes, or until your crust is golden brown.

photo pizza


What’s your favorite way to combine multiple CSA vegetables into one recipe?

Week One: Spinach & Egg Frittata

Here’s my deep, dark cooking confession: I hate to cook breakfast.

It’s true, I almost never make anything fancier than oatmeal for breakfast, and if I do? It definitely happens at lunch time. I just can’t find the motivation to get up and cook something in the mornings.

Which is why this Spinach & Egg Frittata makes total sense in my life.



This recipe makes 8 slices of delicious egg-cheese-greeny goodness that will reheat for breakfast all week long. The combo of spinach and feta is always a winner, and this recipe is simple enough for even lazy breakfast cooks like me to throw it together.

Spinach & Feta Frittata


  • 8 eggs
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 6 ounces spinach (several large handfuls in my case!)
  • TB butter or olive oil
  • Handful of chives or scallions (mine came from my little herb garden!)
  • 1/2-2/3 cup feta cheese
  • 4 TB breadcrumbs or panko
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Pre-heat over to 450 degrees. Melt butter in a pan over medium heat and add spinach and chives. Cook until wilted, about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, beat eggs in a bowl with water, 2 TB breadcrumbs, and salt & pepper. Remove spinach pan from heat and add egg mixture and feta, stir to combine. Sprinkle remaining 2 TB breadcrumbs on top and place pan in the oven to bake until the eggs are set, 15-20 minutes. Cut into 8 wedges and serve!

This was delicious and totally felt like breakfast power food. The slightly crunchy breadcrumb top made it feel a little less healthy, too, without hurting the nutritional value much 🙂

What are your favorite ways to incorporate greens into your breakfast? What are your favorite lazy morning healthy recipes?